Welcome to Techolony, the technology colony. 

Our organisation specialises in Defining, Designing and Delivering complex IT change solutions that provide tangible business benefits to our clients.


No politics, no tainted advice, just high quality ICT solutions focused on our clients needs - not through vendor influence.  We’re the company that sees things done the right way - not the easy way. Whatever your solution, we deliver on our promises.

Project Pyramid

Forget the Iron Triangle. Here at Techolony we work according to our Project Pyramid. We never forget about the fourth dimension - Quality! At the centre of our service contracts are key performance indicators linked to quality. The outcomes we produce and the value you receive is because of our focus on quality of service.

Core Technologies

Techolony's vendor-agnostic Professional Services specialise in defining, designing and delivering solutions across 6 key areas of ICT.

1. Hosting and Cloud Solutions
2. Desktop & Workspace
3. Networks & Security
4. Data
5. Software & Applications
6. Hardware

Core Sectors

Our Consulting and Professional Services teams have a strong background in working for ICT managed services providers and we like to build our teams with individuals from that consultative background. As such Techolony offer a breadth of knowledge across multiple sectors including 

1. Financial Services
3. Environmental Services
2. Retail
4. Government

Core Experience

Strong background in complex IT Change as part of Mergers, Acquisitions and business Transformations.

1. Data Centre Migrations and consolidations
2. Apps & Data separation, migration & integration.
3. Network separation and integration.
4. Public, private and hybrid cloud migrations
5. Workspace Transformation

Vendor neutral advice you can trust.

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