Welcome to Techolony - the technology colony, home of the Consultants. There’s always a constant buzz of activity within our teams and it’s a haven of collaboration and communication. 

The colony is hard-working, knowledgeable and efficient. Our consultants specialise in designing, managing and implementing IT Change and Transformation solutions for medium to large enterprises. No politics, no attitude, just dedicated professionals with a passion for solutions and service. We’re the sort of people who want to see things done the right way - not the easy way. Data Centre migrations, Hybrid Cloud solutions, Application migrations - whatever the solution, we deliver on our promises.

Did I mention we’re approachable too? On their own our Consultants are strong and dependable but when they work as a team... that's when they really come into their own. Our Consultants do the thinking, planning and the doing and we're so confident in our quality that we offer fixed price and performance based service offerings. 

You pay for what we deliver, nothing more, nothing less.

Building the Colony

Growth isn’t achieved by mere chance. It’s about collaboration and forces working together for a common goal. Our goal is simple and robust. Continued organic expansion of our professional services organisation followed by contribution of our knowledge, successes and investments towards social enterprise projects. We’re not just passionate about technology – we’re passionate about the future it can bring to business and social development. Help us build something special.

Joining the Colony

Being able to flex our teams is key to our success which is why we are always looking for experienced freelancers and entrepreneurs who are open to exciting new opportunities as Techolony Associates. We’re not elitest but we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to the colony. We are growing organically and we want likeminded people to join us on our journey. We want people like you, people who are highly skilled with a hunger for new challenges. 

Shared Success

For Techolony ‘sharing’ in our success means precisely that. We believe in giving back to our loyal customers, affiliates and associates. This year, it means unprecedented discounts on our training courses and investing our time and resources into projects with our charitable partners to support poverty reduction, education and health awareness at home and abroad. Whether you’re a freelancer, a jobseeker or an interested customer – get in touch and together we'll build something special.

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