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Our testing & automation services and teams are designed to offer all the support an organisation needs in test planning, design and development to provide the most robust test approach for your programme or project needs. 

A lack of a well-defined digital quality assurance strategy coupled with test automation can be a barrier to digital transformation success, therefore it's of paramount importance to ensure that all elements of the Change & Transformation are expertly tested to eradicate time-consuming and expensive errors at a later date.

Techolony also have our own in-house automation and tooling that enhances the speed and efficiency of the testing process to maximise its effectiveness and minimise risk.


Quality and Test Health Checks

Supporting the transition to more agile and continuous testing.

Automation Maturity reviews 

Examines your existing approach to regression testing (manual or automated), any automation toolsets and their implementation, your team’s capability and the drivers behind your desire to automate.

Change Programmes
We provide the people, processes and automation to lead or support your infrastructure and applications testing on programmes of change.

Security Testing

Our cyber team work significantly in the Change space supporting with on-premise or remote penetration testing of your newly built infrastructure and application environments.


  • Testing services that are designed to optimise the test management processes of your Change programmes
  • Efficient Test Approach - our in-house automation and tools improve the experience and speed up the testing lifecycle
  • Increased security - through our highly experience cyber team
  • Providing a balance of expertise - our teams have worked in a variety of industries and a broad range of technologies - old and new.
  • Reduces risks to your IT estate - testing is about de-risking your IT estate and we are experts in that area 
  • Proactive rather than reactive.

In summary, you will receive expertise from an organisation that has worked in highly regulated environments where testing and QA discipline is critical to the delivery of Change Programmes.

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