The Solutions Consulting team is the driving force of our colony.

Our specialties? Aligning technical design and implementation services to complement your business strategy and planning.

We may be lovers of technology, but we’re also pragmatists. We understand that the needs of our clients don’t necessarily correlate to technically purist and costly solutions.

We achieve your business goals through sound technology solutions, with the right roadmap, strong governance and robust high performing project delivery teams so you attain your vision as speedily and cost effectively as possible.

If the Solutions team are the thinkers then our technical consulting team are most certainly the doers. They convert those pretty visionary powerpoint slides into a reality of detailed design documents ready for implementation.

Techolony consulting. We have the substance as well as the style.

Strategy to solution

Our consultants are thought leaders in the architecting, delivery and management of ICT solutions. We can reference major projects that have transformed the way clients utilise information. The core aim of our consulting team is to work with you to develop appropriate ICT solutions that align with your strategy, goals and vision. For those that need help with defining their strategy, we can assist your business to improve services and reduce complexity and administrative overhead.

Solution to delivery

Our consultants aren't purveyors of empty promises, management acronyms or failed delivery. We operate under three key guiding principles of communication, simplification and collaboration. We ensure a clear articulation of the problem and solution, translated into manageable delivery packages followed by close collaboration with customers, suppliers and delivery teams. Stability, reliability and performance of your infrastructure is our priority so the users can be yours.

Delivery to success

With our core team originating from the company that was one of the original architects of the ITIL® framework, we maintain robust standards to ensure smooth transitions from delivery to service. We also deliver active leadership in key standards including TOGAF, ISO/IEC 20000, MSP and PRINCE2. We maintain a pragmatic approach. Our consulting services continue to provide a balanced blend of governance, advisory services along with a pragmatic approach to solution implementation.

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