Talent and Workforce

Techolony's Talent and Workforce services have grown from being an internal function supporting our Professional Services teams to now offering our clients access to the same premium workforce solutions.  Our approach to talent mapping, workforce management and recruitment processes will ensure that whether you require one individual or one hundred – you will receive high performing individuals and teams with a wealth of knowledge utilising mature governance processes and ready to deliver from day one.

Whichever role we play within your workforce portfolio, IT strategy, programme management, solution architecture, service transition, technical design or infrastructure delivery, we will strengthen your capability and add immediate value to your organization and clients.

Great people… strong governance… premium service…

Staff Augmentation

Supporting day to day operations alongside balancing strategic project demand requires a flexible and cost effective staffing model. Techolony’s staff augmentation service consists of careful evaluation of your existing staff and then helping you determine what additional skills are required and when. The advantage of our cost effective approach is that it enables you to leverage your existing resources as well as utilise outsourced services and contract workers.

Delivery Specialists

Whether it’s Portfolio, Programme, Project or PMO expertise you require, we have an expansive talent base to suit your organisational and budgetary needs. Techolony live and breathe projects and have some of the most experienced technical project delivery specialists in the UK today. We can embed teams into your existing organisation and governance structures or you can utilise our cross sector expertise for new governance, processes and delivery standards for the future.

Centre of Excellence

Here at Techolony we use a blended model of staff and associates for our teams that operate on our clients sites. We maintain a high and consistent standard of knowledge and skills to ensure our people are closely aligned to the premium services that our clients demand. We don't just provide people, we provide carefully crafted teams that operate effectively under performance managed services.

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