Techolony Associates FAQ's

Techolony Associates FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Updating Your LinkedIn profile

Q. What is the benefit of updating my profile?

A. Techolony are continuously marketing our services in direct and targeted campaigns over social media, email and phone. This regularly draws recruitment and IT decision makers to our LinkedIn pages where they will also see you. This raises your profile without you having to do anything. 

Q. If I'm between contracts and update my LinkedIn profile to show I am an Associate,  I don't want it to look like I'm no longer seeking a contract.

A. This is fine and we understand that. We expect you to leave your profile also showing your availability for other contract work.

Q. What should I describe my role being as an Associate?

A. The truth! We want you as an Associate to support us with ad-hoc consultancy, business development opportunities and bid work for public and private sector clients.

Business Development

Q. Your pack mentions that I can earn up to 20% of the margin for any clients that we refer in. Can you clarify how that works?

A. Yes, We see freelancers as untapped salespeople with industry knowledge that they don't get properly rewarded for. We want to tap into that well of opportunity and we offer a scale for new business referrals based upon your influence and involvement in the sales process. We also have a referral contract that will guarantee you payment on a monthly basis. The scale of payment depends on the amount of involvement.

For example :

Top-tier commission :   13-20% : Involved in identifying an opportunity, managing an introduction for a no-competition piece of work and/or supporting on pre-sales bidding to secure a win.

Mid-tier commission :   6-12%   : Involved in identifying an opportunity, managing and supporting an introduction on a low competition piece of work but has little involvement in the bidding process

Bottom-tier referral   :   1-5%     : Providing insight into a company or individual that would benefit from Techolony's services.

Writing White Papers / Blogs

Q. You've mentioned about writing White Papers - I'm interested but not sure what you are looking for ?

A. We're looking for content that we can use to promote on LinkedIn through InMail campaigns and weekly postings. If you have a business or technical subject matter you want to write a short white paper or blog on, then send it to us for review before release and then we can jointly release it as a News item on our website and also on our LinkedIn company page. This helps both Techolony release relevant content and also yourself as you are the published author.